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Apple - Flavour Concentrate

Apple - Flavour Concentrate

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Apple - Flavour Concentrate

Introducing TFA Apple, a delicious and versatile flavour concentrate perfect for all your e-liquid needs. This concentrate offers a less tart and sweeter version of the popular TFA Apple (Granny Smith) flavour. Whether you are creating complex e-liquids or simple single flavour, TFA Apple is the perfect addition to enhance the taste of your creations.

We recommend using TFA Apple at a concentration of approximately 5% in recipes, and for single flavour dishes, a concentration of 10% is ideal. This concentrate is highly concentrated, ensuring that a little goes a long way, making it a great option for all your flavouring needs.

Experience the crisp and refreshing taste of apples with TFA Apple flavour concentrate. Elevate your e-liquids with this high-quality concentrate, available now at

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